New Jersey is one of the states that is highly recognized for gambling. Online gamblers in the region have some common characteristics. Before you start gambling online from any of the online New Jersey casinos, here are some facts you should know regarding online gamblers in the state.

  • Demographics

According to the NJ law, adults above 21 years old are the only ones that are allowed to engage in legit New Jersey casinos. A study reveals that the average age of online gamblers in the state is 38. Most women who engage in online gambling in New Jersey are 41 years, while men are 37 years.

  • Statistics

As of 2015, more than 370,000 people in New Jersey engaged in online gambling. The number of men who engage in this activity seems to be higher than that of women.

  • Gambling at offshore websites

Though there are a lot of licensed New Jersey casinos, some of the online gamblers in the region play at unregulated sites.

  • Online gambling

Most NJ residents prefer playing their favorite games from online platforms as opposed to land-based sites. They enjoy the convenience they get from online gambling.

  • Location

The leading New Jersey casinos only allow you to gamble if you are within the state. Based on studies done, most of the online gamblers who stay outside New Jersey create accounts with some NJ sites and use them when they visit the state.

  • Game preferences

Most people prefer casino games compared to online poker. Only 16% of the NJ popular choose online poker as opposed to casino games.

  • Betting

Online gamblers in NJ spend a lot of money in casinos. On average, more than 160,000 bets are placed each year.

  • Time of playing

Though sites give you access to games round the clock, most online gamblers prefer betting at night from 9 pm to 3 am.

  • Responsible gambling

The best New Jersey casinos have features that prevent gambling problems. More than 13,000 online gamblers in NJ make use of these features. 6% of the gamblers in NJ have gambling disorders.

  • Fantasy sports

Apart from casino games, at least 300 players in the region engage in daily fantasy sports.